[id:$00000000][ar:Ne-Yo][ti:so sick][by:][hash:ddde22ee6295caa88559f21f3574fcd4][al:][sign:][qq:][total:211546][offset:0][00:19.71]Gotta change my answering machine[00:22.96]Now that I'm alone[00:24.86]Cuz right now it says that we[00:28.01]Can't come to the phone[00:29.96]And I know it makes no sense[00:32.96]Cuz you walked out the door[00:35.16]But it's the only way[00:36.41]I hear your voice anymore[00:40.92]it's ridiculous[00:42.66]It's been months[00:43.61]And for some reason I just[00:45.91]can't get over us[00:47.58]And I'm stronger than this[00:50.68]enough is enough[00:52.93]No more walkin round[00:54.23]With my head down[00:55.73]I'm so over being blue[00:58.47]Cryin over you[01:00.17]And I'm so sick of love songs[01:03.32]So tired of tears[01:05.87]So done with wishing[01:08.47]you were still here[01:10.37]Said I'm so sick of love[01:12.72]songs so sad and slow[01:15.77]So why can't I turn off the radio[01:20.11]Gotta fix that calender I have[01:23.32]That's marked July 15th[01:25.57]Because since there's no more you[01:28.01]There's no more anniversary[01:30.51]I'm so fed up with[01:32.01]my thoughts of you[01:33.63]And your memory[01:35.58]And how every song reminds me[01:37.43]Of what used to be[01:39.98]That's the reason[01:41.08]I'm so sick of love songs[01:43.83]So tired of tears[01:46.28]So done with wishing[01:48.88]you were still here[01:50.83]Said I'm so sick of[01:52.68]love songs so sad and slow[01:56.33]So why can't I turn off the radio[02:01.76]Leave me alone[02:04.51]Leave me alone[02:06.63]Stupid love songs[02:10.83]Don't make me think about her smile[02:13.91]Or having my first child[02:15.76]I'm letting go[02:18.73]Turning off the radio[02:21.13]Cuz I'm so sick of love songs[02:24.33]So tired of tears[02:26.73]So done with wishing[02:29.16]she was still here[02:31.20]Said I'm so sick of love[02:33.56]songs so sad and slow[02:36.71]So why can't I turn off the radio[02:39.51]why can't I turn off the radio[02:41.41]Said I'm so sick of love songs[02:44.56]So tired of tears[02:46.96]So done with wishing[02:49.51]she was still here[02:51.41]Said I'm so sick of love[02:53.81]songs so sad and slow[02:57.10]why can't I turn off the radio[02:59.75]why can't I turn off the radio[03:01.70]And I'm so sick of love songs[03:04.70]So tired of tears[03:07.04]So done with wishin' you were still here[03:11.64]Said I'm so sick of love[03:13.94]songs so sad and slow[03:17.19]So why can't I turn off the radio[03:19.84]why can't I turn off the radio[03:22.59]Why can't I turn off the radio


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